10 Influencer Accounts To Pick You Up During A Pandemic

In these trying times, it’s important to focus on the positives. One of the greatest strengths of the online community is exactly that, community, and right now what people need more than ever – while in the confines of their own home – is a way to laugh, get inspired and stay positive.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have all become havens for those looking for humorous content, from Jack Black dancing on TikTok to John Krasinski hosting a YouTube talk show focused on solely “good news”, there are ample examples of the positive power that content creators can have.

Content creators are not just making videos to amuse, many are also including important messages about how to go about life during this pandemic – and the creativity knows no bounds, from Singaporean comedy sketches about not touching your face to Iranian songs about how to properly wash your hands. Twitch streams have also been a hotbed for those looking to wash away their virus woes, with many influencers taking the chance to debut their streaming career, given everyone’s newfound free time.

So, instead of lecture you on the unmatched benefits of influencer marketing, today we are your personal, pick-me-up pandemic content curators. Below you’ll find 10 hilariously funny or pleasingly creative influencer accounts to lift your spirits and keep the whole house entertained during the C-word chaos!

1.WHO: Love Of Huns

WHAT: For the love of huns, amirite?! If you don’t know what a “hun” is, please read this Vice article – don’t Google it, you’ll only start learning about medieval Asian warfare. To give you a clue, TOWIE’s Gemma Collins is the ultimate “hun”. Anyway, perhaps the best meme account on Instagram, Love Of Huns has been an unbridled source of joy since lockdown began. As the founder says so herself, “You can’t relate to Instagram models sitting on a beach in Bora Bora drinking coconut water and nibbling on hair gummies, but you can relate to Daniela Westbrook leaving Greggs with a steak bake and not a care in the world.”

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/loveofhuns/

2. WHO: Frankie and Wayne Bridge

WHAT: Okay, fine, she’s a retired popstar sensation and her husband was a tekkers footie star… but does that make Frankie and Wayne Bridge nailing TikTok dances any less satisfying?! No, no it doesn’t. Frankie and Wayne have used the isolation time to start a TikTok – and they’ve got the hang of it pretty quickly, uploading a whole host of dance routines and gag-worthy (in a good way) videos. We LOVE to see it!

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/frankiebridge/?utm_source=ig_embed

3.WHO: Brad Mondo

WHAT: Reviewing the shockingly terrible and amazing quarantine hair transformations! Brad is a qualified hairdresser – and YouTube’s favourite. Apparently 90% of blondes will disappear off the face of the earth during the months of March, April and May. Radical hair shavings are taking place left, right and centre… Brad is here to save the day! With a light-hearted, humorous air, Brad can guide you through home colouring and cutting, to ensure you don’t emerge looking like a tangerine-hued rag doll. Even if you’re not looking for transformation inspiration, you’ll be amazed at how many hours you while away watching his smile-inducing cameos!

WHERE: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brad+mond

4.WHO: Stella Jade

WHAT: Stella Jade is laugh-out-loud funny – so funny in fact, she deserves LOLs to be written out in full. Clearly going as stir crazy as the rest of us right now, Stella has been lifting the spirits of her community through *VERY* down to earth (and quite raunchy) IGTV confessionals, solo mermaid parties and alien impressions. She’s also co-host of the genuinely hilarious It Galz podcast. Highly recommend!

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/mermaidajade/

5.WHO: Natalya Syanova

WHAT: Ahh, the elusive world of sourdough breadmaking; wonderful to eat, impossible to make. According to Forbes, bread makers have become the “unexpected” stars of quarantine. In reality, there’s nothing unexpected about bread makers becoming inevitable stars. Sourdough is one half of the staple millennial diet (avocado toast, duh), and with more time n our hands than ever before, it seems there are budding bakers aplenty. Natalya – the star behind Natasha’s Baking – offers invaluable tips and tricks, alongside mouth-watering crusty inspiration) to help us all reach our sourdough-making potential.

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/natashas_baking/

6.WHO: Rosie Ramsey

WHAT: The best bit about Rosie’s content, is you can get it pretty much anywhere, from TikTok to Instagram to her brilliant Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast. We might be biased, having worked with her on a few campaigns – including our amazing Tommee Tippee SleepFest pre-lockdown (sad face) – but Rosie’s content with herself, son and husband is truly second to none. Brad Mondo might have a thing or two to say about her #homehaircuts too!

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/rosemarinoramsey/

7.WHO: Chessie King (and her fiancé!)

WHAT: One of the world’s favourite realistic fitness instructors and body positive warriors, Chessie and her boyfriend are one their way to becoming actors/comedians/magicians… it’s genuinely hard to tell what they’re doing, that’s how wild and creative their content is. From floating cucumbers to birthday a human chicken egg (honestly, there’s no other way to explain that) these two will have you cracking up till the cows come home and the C-word is over.

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/chessiekingg/?igshid=173i3ld6mhs13

 8.WHO: Masie Smith

WHAT: Also known as Tiffany Butcher from Eastenders, Maisie Smith is (probably) our absolute favourite TikTok-er. Pause for semi-serious feminist thought: one of the best elements of social media, has been the unearthing of female comedians, and TikTok seems to be playing a big part in that right now, giving the likes of Maisie a digital stage to fill with genuine hilarity. We cannot get enough of Natalie’s lockdown TikToks, from challenge recreations to OG dance bits with her lookalike Mum. Get. You. Some. Maisie!

WHERE: https://www.tiktok.com/@maisielousmith

9.WHO: Dustin Lamia


WHAT: Both satisfying and hilarious, Dustin has found the fine line between fulfilling and pleasingly pointless content – and we can’t get enough of it. From time-lapses of a slug, to an annoyingly-easy-to-fall-for video of a ball floating round a pool, this is Gen Z’s answer to the lockdown social media Olympics. Yes, that last sentence is a mouthful, but frankly there’s no other way to explain this glorious chaos.

WHERE: https://www.tiktok.com/@dustin_lamia

10.WHO: Celeste Barber

WHAT: Famous for entirely redefining Instagram Vs. Reality, Australian comedienne, writer, actor and beloved Insta-star Celeste has found ample time during quarantine to do what she does best – recreating model shots from a far more realistic perspective. Think bikini pics in the bath and rolls instead of washboard abs; simple, yet extremely effective… maybe she’s even a “hun”?

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/celestebarber/