5 things you can all learn from Joe Wicks going LIVE

I am sure by now you have seen that Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, has introduced P.E. at home via YouTube Live to his 1.2M subscribers.

Image credit: @thebodycoach

As many of us have moved to remote working, with schools being shut indefinitely – Live is where it’s at. From the House Party app, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, FaceTime… usage of these apps is through the roof with everyone wanting to give back to their community, whether it be a live workout, a cooking tutorial or even a virtual gig.

The first of Joe’s at-home sessions kicked off this morning and got 806K homes around the world tuning in live, with a further 2M views on the workout – this equates to a casual 51 years’ worth of content being consumed.

So, what can you make of this?

1. Go Live

Now is the time for you and your business to go live. Podcast listens are on the up, time spent on social is on the up. There is no time like the present so whether it’s a Live podcast via your Instagram or a ‘How-to’ via Zoom – test and experiment with live platforms. The app ‘House Party’ which does what it says on the tin has risen rapidly to the 14th most downloaded free app.

2. Use the right influencer

Joe Wicks is known for his easy-to-follow workouts and recipes, he’s spent his time previously going into schools across the UK and educating them on the importance of fitness. So naturally, this livestream made sense and COVID-19 gave him the platform for people to take this seriously. It didn’t feel like he was piggybacking on a world crisis, it was authentic and genuine – exactly how influencer marketing should be.

3. Support the community when they need it the most

Listen to what your audience want and need from you right now. Chances are, they’re not looking to buy a new car or to shop but they too are probably looking for activities to entertain their children, or tips for maintaining their garden, plus any thrifty ideas for around the house. Now more so than ever you have the gift of time so slow down, listen to what your audience want and change tack accordingly – you can measure the impact that has on social.

4. People want a pick me up

We are all feeling pretty exhausted and stressed, and sitting down to listen to the news at 5pm each day isn’t helping – it’s an ever-changing situation and no one has all the answers, so focus on light-hearted, fun content that will give people the pick me up that they need. Be that bit of relief people want when they’re scrolling through feeds that are swamped with COVID-19 updates.

5. Make time for others

Ultimately, Joe is being selfless by giving his time to better the community and teach them a new skill. You too can do the same, no act is too small or insignificant – it’s about showing that you care for those on who follow you on Instagram, for your families and colleagues.

I have no doubt that day on day, the number of people tuning into Joe Wicks’ P.E. at home will soar, if you and your family want to join in, you can do so here.

And, if you do want to soundboard ideas or to have a virtual coffee, drop us a line info@SEENConnects.com