Why Your Business Should Be Investing In Podcasts

We recently spoke to the BBC World News channel, and its 120 million viewers, around why your business should be investing in podcasts. For those of you that missed it, the highlights are as follows:

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So, why should you have a podcast?

  1. Social Platform Fatigue:
  • We live in a world governed by algorithms; seeing three second “Epic Fail Of The Year” or “Cutest Puppy Ever” videos plastered across all of our social space is becoming a little too contrived. Whilst podcasts are nothing new, they are gaining momentum as audiences look for new ways to be entertained by indulging in more mindful media.

2. Longform content:

  • Podcasts are most often listened to on the bus, tube, in the car or on a run so you tend to have your audience’s undivided attention, instead of a dual-screen scrolling and watching scenario.
    • Interestingly, around 80% of podcast listeners will not only listen undistracted, but are likely to consume a full episode. When people consume most other marketing channels, they are usually distracted meaning attention spans are reduced and they’re less likely to be intrigued by advertisements.

3. Competition:

  • These days it might feel like everyone under the sun has a podcast, but that’s actually not the case. The podcasting world is not yet an oversaturated market, meaning now is the perfect time to dive in at the deep end.
    • As an example of smaller brands effectively investing their marketing money into sponsoring podcasts, Harry’s Razors come up trumps. HR target podcasts because they know their competitors are part of larger organisations with increased stakeholder management, meaning they’re far less likely to be able to get the budget for podcast marketing signed off quickly.
    • It’s also worth mentioning that 63% of podcast listeners have made a purchase after listening.

What mistakes are businesses making when it comes to podcasting – and how can you avoid making them too?

  • Podcasting is long-form, mindful content that needs commitment and a strategy for effective execution, in the same way that any social or influencer plan has to be strategic. Running a podcast will mean your business becomes a part of the publishing sphere, so whilst you have to commit to produce, you should also be committing to thorough distribution.
  • Set out your KPIs ahead of launching or sponsoring a podcast, so that you can give yourself the opportunity to retrospectively assess what ‘good’ stats look like.

If you want to know more or you’re thinking of launching a podcast yourself, email us at info@seenconnects.com.