SKY NEWS: Connects on the Ian King Show

Well, that is it – another season of Love Island complete. Did anyone have money on Greg and Amber winning the show? We certainly didn’t!

Yesterday we were invited to Ian King’s Show on Sky News to talk about all things Love Island with the final airing in the evening.

If you just want the highlights, we have your back! Here are the points we ran through with Ian on the show:

–       Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere – it is only on the rise with 75% of Gen Z wanting to be YouTubers, Vloggers and Bloggers when they grow up (Neilson). Now, with the rise and excitement around influencer marketing as it increasingly shows return on investment, it’s easier for the Islanders to build out their careers in the limelight after the show and on social media.

–       Why would brands partner with reality TV stars? Mistakes brands make is that they want to be part of the hype and the excitement once the show ends, and the mistake the Islanders make is saying yes to everything. Choose who you partner with because they’re aligned to your business and ensure you set out what success looks like up front – don’t just do it because everyone else is doing it. And, Islanders… as I’m sure you’re all reading this, say no to more things than you say yes to. Play the long-game.

–       Are the Islanders’ social followers fake? Brands need to stop focusing on the vanity metrics when it comes to working with influencers. Influencers can buy their following and their engagement, we internally track fraudulent activity to ensure our clients are working with legitimate influencers and this is something you should vet in advance. It isn’t 100% accurate but a free tool that may come in use is: https://igaudit.io/

–       Are influencers compliant with ASA guidelines? The Islanders get training around the guidelines to ensure that their social feeds are compliant. Brands too have a responsibility to ensure that the influencers they partner with understand and adhere to those guidelines. You can see a summary of those guidelines here: http://bit.ly/312NVhs

–       Should all brands work with Love Islanders? Absolutely not! It is all about really aligning the influencers you partner with to the audience demographic you are targeting and ensuring there’s an archetypal alignment between them and your brand.

Thanks to Ian King and Sky News for having us on the show. If you want to talk more about the world of influencer marketing, drop us an email info@SEENConnects.com