Support influencers, supporting you!

Right now, the world is spending an increased amount of time on social media – all thanks to our newfound and unwelcome life partner, Covid-19.

With this significant increase in social media activity, online life has intensified: fake news is rife but we’ve also seen such heart-warming kindness and some really good brand work – like Instagram’s partnership with @dudewithsign or Pret supporting NHS workers.

What’s become extremely apparent to us – whilst brands quickly evolve their strategies, reduce marketing spend and work out what to do with this wild unknown – is for now, influencer work is being paused. Right now, most brands don’t want to work with influencers for fear of being the brand that’s deaf to the current situation; or encourages people to shop, when we’re heading towards a recession – but, and this is a BIG but, there are ways to do it. It’s just about doing it the right way.

So, to our army of influencer supporters at home, scrolling the ‘gram one thumb twitch at a time… influencers need you! We will always be the influencer community’s number one fan, so to boost their content and deserved support, please find our Covid-19 top tips for influencers, and influencer supporters alike!

For the thumb twitching Influencer supporters…

Engage in their content
Influencers are still creating content for their communities, so make sure you keep engaging. Whether it’s a Like or a Comment, when we’re out the other side of Corona crisis, your support puts those influencers in a better position for brand partnerships and deals as their engagement rates rise.

Shop their picks (where you can)
Most influencers will use affiliate links, which means they get a tiny percentage of each sale they convert – shopping via affiliate links are a great way of supporting influencers! You will notice that most influencers are now using their following to promote smaller, independent businesses who will struggle to survive this crisis. If you can, follow through on influencers’ content and support those smaller businesses whilst times are tricky.

Give them constructive feedback
Since self-isolation kicked in a few days ago, we’ve seen a huge surge of the Question feature being used on Stories to determine what content communities want to see. Instead of skipping through these question boxes, let the influencer know what you want, so they can be mindful of all situations and appropriately sensitive when creating content.

Many influencers are already using their platforms to push positivity in these uncertain times – sharing helpful content on everything from WFH tips, to books to read in isolation – which is incredibly encouraging to see! If you have a voice and you’re confused on how best to use it in this confusing time, here’s our two cents:

Use your reach to support small businesses
Whether it’s buying a voucher for a restaurant that you can use in the future, or a little something for Mother’s Day in an independent shop, sharing that purchase with your community could do wonders for the brand – and save them in tough times.

Use your voice for good
Amidst the Corona crisis, many content creators like Chiara Ferragni have been using their platform for good, to boost global support. Chiara organised a GoFundMe campaign to help with the crisis, as Italian hospitals became overwhelmed with patients. Since it was posted, the page has raised over €4 million. If you don’t feel you can invest in fundraiser that huge, then be responsible! Only share facts, figures and estimations that are from reliable, official resources, that can be corroborated for accuracy. Don’t incite panic!

Use your skillset to support
Kelly Terranova, a long-standing influencer friend of ours, is also a dance teacher. To help her community out in these trying, turbulent times, she’s offering free meditation classes, yoga moments and booty-shaking workouts to get you moving in the living room. Many influencers have very unique skillsets, with an abundance of unique talents that go unused in their day to day content. Now is the time to USE those skills; be reactive by giving back to your community and offering your audience something that supports them too.

The markets will rise again, stocks will bounce back, consumers will eventually look to shop for pleasure. Influencers, when things pick up again, will hit the ground running by executing campaigns that make your community proud. Support one another. Look after your loved one. Put care and kindness first. If you need anything agency-side, or just want to chat to pass the time – we’re here to help: info@seenconnects.com.