3 Things Your Brand And TikTok Have In Common

As told by TikTok’s top creators…

Yes you’ve heard of TikTok. And until recently, you may not have given it too much thought. It’s for teenagers right? Not exactly your target market? Well, when the whole world changed earlier this year, that changed too.

As we all stayed home, downloads of the short-form video app exploded to two billion. That means almost one in every four people in the world has TikTok in their pocket. This seismic shift means that TikTok’s appeal has broadened, and its demographic and content diversified. Take a scroll through the joy-bringing social platform now and it won’t just be singing and dancing you see. There’s comedy sketches, mental health awareness campaigns and a whole load of niche talents you never knew you needed to see.

WATCH: TikTok’s Top Creators Explain How

So where does your brand fit into this growth? We believe the content pillars that underpin TikTok’s success are exactly what will make your next campaign go viral too.

1. Storytelling

The most engaging content has something to say, or a narrative to follow with a beginning, middle and payoff at the end. As a platform, TikTok really encourages creators to do exactly that – get creative. This lends itself perfectly to the concept of content marketing. Each product, launch or campaign has a story to tell, and doing so on a platform that really champions that format, can drive incredible results.


“As a consumer it’s fun, it’s not like you’re shoving a product in someone’s face saying you should wear this or you should buy that. You’re putting [a product/brand] into something interesting that they can watch! I have bought a couple of things from people on there because you don’t skim past it and think it just an ad, you do get engrossed in it and it does catch your eye.” Frankie Bridge (301.4K followers | 2.7% ER)

I feel like we’re numb to a lot of the media we see – on TV and our phones – because it’s just a habit. The amount I actually absorb is really minimal, it has to really capture me. And that’s where TikTok’s different because it’s something fresh… creators have to think beyond the brand and think what’s really going to entertain my audience? It’s not just about selling. They’ll then jump on board because they believe in what you’re doing and you’ve given them value in your ad.  You’ve got to give customers the value too, not just the brand.Kelly Terranova (4K followers | 8.1% ER)

2. Authenticity

Brands learned long ago not to work with influencers or celebrities that couldn’t feasibly be fans or customers. Keeping things real is at the heart of TikTok’s success too. Videos – though edited using the platforms in-built editing technology – are low-fi, filmed in the most ordinary of settings and never, ever polished or perfect.

Don’t be anyone else apart from yourself. Don’t try to copy people, you just need to be yourself so that people can fall in love with you. Have a face to the brand, and your voice. Don’t over filter TikTok, it’s supposed to be authentic and have that raw aesthetic. I think if you’re over-producing and over-editing it, then it’s more for Instagram.Matthewand Ryan (2M followers | 21.3% ER)

3. Collaboration and Community

We all know it takes a village – and that goes for building and nurturing great brands and social platforms too. It’s the fans, followers and ambassadors that not just initially buy into a brand or platform, but sustain it by keeping conversations, content and advocacy alive. We now know that brands and platforms like TikTok are incredibly aligned when it comes to how they speak to their communities of consumers and creators, as well as how they go about creating content for them.

“I always try to make every piece of branded content or partnership work look as organic and authentic as possible, otherwise it’ll just turn people off and it doesn’t get good engagement. It has to feel authentic.” @dentistsinging (123.5K followers | 7.3%)

“I love the fact that you can create [branded content] in your own way. You can get creative with a brand and that’s a really good thing. If instead [a brand] gives a script to ten TikTokers, and about 30% of people follow every single one of us, they’re going to get bored because it’s the same video.” @dj_rangster (1.8M followers | 14.3% ER)

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