Our Approach

Consumers are buying into the personality, style, creativity, opinions or overall lifestyle of an influencer, so we believe the best way for a brand to harness that power, is by working collaboratively with the right influencers to communicate an authentic brand message, through a distinctive human lens. We call this Collaborative Creativity.

Collaborative Creativity is about working connectively with both clients and influencers, to develop idea-driven, creative content that communicates the unique perspectives of brands and influencers alike, always engaging audiences.

Archetypal Alignment

Human Connections

Collaborative Creative

Meaningful Data

  • The original archetypal characters – intended to represent universal, fundamental human needs and desires – were created by eminent psychoanalyst Carl Jung, after studying the myriad cultures this world has to offer. Identifying the archetype of a brand enables us to identify influencers who fit that brand’s mould and embody their essence. In doing this, we set the foundations for solid working relationships built on mirrored values, resulting in the most creative, engaging content possible.

  • We take a long-term view of influencer relationships; success comes from partnering brands with the right influencers, not necessarily those with the greatest reach. There’s huge value for brands in nurturing and mentoring emerging influencers at the start of their career, so wherever possible, we look to build teams of always-on influencers into a brand’s pre-existing creative team – meaning our database is consistently full of pre-vetted, authentic influencers ready to make their mark.

  • We’re committed to ensuring that every campaign we create is data-driven and measurable. We tailor our tracking and evaluation plans, because measurements should never be ‘One Size Fits All’. By working closely with our clients to understand what success really looks like for them, we are able to create a bespoke approach to tracking both pre and post campaigns, that meets their needs and produces results worth shouting about.